So, there is this Firefly AU I keep meaning to write. Basically, same premise, there is a space-pirate ship out there in the ‘Verse that does basic transport missions. Only the Captain is a devote worshiper of the First Evil and has semi-divine strength. His first mate is a bitter fallen Power that Was who, while no longer divine, can still whoop your ass. The captain is a chaotic mass murderer with 40-some too many people in his head, and the gunner is an immortal with the strength to back it up.

That take on an innocent doctor and his sister. Now, is she another innocent victim?

Or has “the alliance” gotten to her?

(maybe they can use her into an unstoppable near robotic killing machine… nah… that’s not Whedon…)

Speaking of things that are non-Whedon, The companion might be more than she lets on (V, SG-1)

And honestly, no change needs to be made to this guy.

Poor Kaylee… might have to do something different with her character, won’t I…

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